Benefit Advisors Network

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Olympic Crest Insurance is a proud member of the Benefit Advisors Network (BAN). Founded in 2002, Benefit Advisors Network is a national consortium of independent benefit advisory firms meeting high standards for superior business acumen, ethics, and vision.

Through this network, we:

  • Deliver a suite of best-in-class services that include but are not limited to: actuarial services, analytics, compliance, ERISA attorneys, and medical and pharmacy director support.
  • Bring our clients ideas, tools and resources that further maximize their workforce benefit strategy.
  • Share access to proprietary insurance products and favorable pricing for a host of administrative services, including FSA and COBRA administration.

Each and every service we offer by way of the Benefit Advisors Network is first vetted for best-in-class excellence and value. Only when we are completely satisfied with quality do we add a new service to our repertoire. This ensures that our suite of services benefits both you and your employees.

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