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Bigger, Better, Stronger

Failure, Setback, Frustration – those are words none of like this think about or experience.  But in reality, it is going to happen.  Life doesn’t happen in a linear fashion, it is a series of ups and downs, with the goal to continue on an upward trajectory.

I have experienced more than my share of setbacks in the past year, but through it all, I try to keep my eyes focused forward and upward, not looking back.  When I do look back, I try to do it through the lens of evaluating what I did right and what I did wrong to affect the ultimate outcome.

You often hear the term “fail faster” to indicate that if you aren’t failing, you aren’t trying.  Despite the truth in those words, it can be difficult to live.  We all want to win!  For me to embrace this concept, I had to redefine what winning means to me.

Winning for me means growth, personally, professionally, physically.  And growth does not come without pain.  It is all about learning how to accept pain as part of the process.   I may never love “the pain”, but I love the growth and knowing that I never want to stop growing or improving, makes it all worthwhile.

Anyone that lifts weights knows that muscle growth comes from micro-tears in the muscle, which then regrow into something bigger and stronger.  This is my mission – bigger, better, stronger!

How are you going to take your failures, frustrations, and setbacks and turn 2018 into the year that you are bigger, better and stronger?