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Make Your Own “Immunity” Shot

Eating healthy can help boost your immune system, keeping you strong when everyone around you is suffering. But if you need to up your defenses a little, consider a homemade immunity shot Immunity shots are basically small but potent doses of fresh juices loaded with healthy herbs and spices like ginger and tumeric. Here is my favorite Immunity Shot recipe.   2 cups fresh squeezed orange juice – High in Vitamin C Juice of one lemon – Improves Digestion ½ cup water – reduce acidity 1” fresh ginger, peeled & grated – helps soothe sore throat and settle your stomach ½” fresh turmeric, peeled & grated – anti-inflammatory & anti-viral 4 tbsp. Manuka honey – anti-bacterial and improves sore throat & immunity 20 drops of Oil of Oregano – powerful antimicrobial that can help fight off… Read more »