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Core Values & Guiding Principals

Olympic Crest Insurance has seen many changes in the past two years, so when we decided to work on our agency processes and vision, it was necessary to start with who we really are.

We began a process of defining our core values and crafting a statement around them. I have always had a sign on the wall that says “Accountability, Kindness, Respect, Honesty”, but I told everyone to pick their own words for what they felt the company was all about.

Step one was a long list of words that we felt represented what OCI stands for and then we each ranked the words from 1 to 5. From there, we were able to narrow it down to five words. The original four were still there with the addition of one more important word, Service.

Each person then wrote a statement around the words we selected as a draft of our Core Value Statement. A few more rounds of revisions and lively discussion and we have a very clear picture of who we are. We will need a new sign, but I feel it truly represents the essence of Olympic Crest Insurance.

“Our values are at the core of who we are. They encompass every aspect of our business and extend to our employees, clients, and community.

* Honesty * Accountability * Kindness * Respect * Service *

Through our progressive processes & technology, continuous commitment to customer satisfaction, and balanced mix of young minds and tenured experience, we reflect these values every day. “

We are excited to finally articulate and memorialize these values. You will find them woven into everything we do.