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Employee Engagement & Communication Strategies

For any employer, attracting and retaining the best talent is a key objective of their organization.  Employee engagement is key to achieving this but the first step is making sure your message is being received by all members of the workforce.  Different generations receive information via different methods, but one thing is clear, visual communication is becoming more important than ever across all generations.

Because the younger generations are more technology driven, self-directed and resourceful, this is impacting all generations as they are often the creative drivers in our society.  They like to communicate with images, text and across multiple screens.  Communications via symbols, emojis and emoticons is becoming more common place.  There is even a new Emoji movie.  But don’t think this is confined to just those under thirty – I bet your grandmother loves emojis too!

How can we adjust our strategies to reach and connect with everyone?

  • Communicate across multiple platforms
  • Connect through creative and engaging images
  • Be precise
  • Know your message and have a succinct theme and delivery
  • Appeal to the need for connection – consider live streaming Q & A or other relevant topics
  • Feed their curiosity
  • Provide details, but not upfront. Include links or resources for more information for those that want it.

Olympic Crest Insurance is constantly experimenting with new and evolving communication strategies.  We consider this to be a vital piece of any “valued” benefit program.  Identifying new platforms to deliver your benefit information across multiple platforms will be more important than ever as new generations continue to hit the workforce.

To find out more about how to create a communication strategy to fit your unique workforce, contact Olympic Crest Insurance today.